Credit Card Processing Issues

Wondering if anybody has had to tackle an issue with processing credit cards. We have used both PayFlow Pro and

App. 4 months ago we had issues with PayFlow pro and the we switched to which is now having issues.

We have exhausted our efforts with CSC Support, Hosting Provider Support and Payment gateway support. They point their fingers somewhere else.

The problem is: The CC transaction leaves our website fine and goes to the payment gateway fine. They process the transaction but we do not receive a response from the payment gateway. Again, this problem exists with 2 gateways.

So the CC is approved but the customer sees failed message because there is no response from the payment gateway. We log into the gateway and the payment info is valid and good but that is not what we see in admin or on the storefront. Failed messages come back and I am told that is because a response is not received. So the customer runs their CC many times which is a huge issue.

For now we have CC processing disabled and are using the ugly and out dated PayPal Express Checkout method which in itself is not professional and not helping sales.

Any insight appreciated. Now thinking it must be something specific to my server. Something is not running correctly.



Payment gateway providers usually have logs of requests with transaction status. Did they try to check these logs? says they do not log the API calls.

What did CS-Cart support say?

ecom - Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delays.

CSC Support has made a fair effort to look at the problem and they do not know the root cause. All they can tell me is that the HTTP request is being sent out properly and we do see that through our CC processing gateway login but CSC is not receiving a response so it shows a declined message.

We have used 2 different CC processors and both worked fine initially and then stopped working some time later which is very odd.

I have since (finally) moved one of my dev sites to a new server with a new host and it works fine over there so I can only assume the issue is either with my server or with my host. The site does pass PCI scanning with my current settings so I know at least nothing is grossly wrong.

The current host is GoDaddy and I moved my dev site to Hostwinds. I know everyone pretty much hates Godaddy. I was not aware of their issues when I signed with them many years ago but have experienced some less than desireable issues that are specific to GD. I was already planning on moving when my 1 year plan expired this year ragardless of this issue. I won't go into their issues at this time.

Anyhow, I am hoping to move my live site this weekend to hostwinds.

BTW: My initial impression of hostwinds is not very good but I expect it to get better.

I am using unmanaged VPS. I have created 2 separate unmanaged VPS accounts with them and both of them had issues getting turned on and both were generating errors that only the more experienced users could fix. They offer absolutely 0 support for unmanaged servers and would not fix the issues. Fortunately, they allow for easy upgrade and downgrade for managed/unmanaged. The cost difference is almost double but it is just for one month. I pay more for support with CSC. Anyhow, they do have 24/7 tech support so the issues did not take long to get fixed. It is just BS that they provision a new VPS with issues. Gonna stick with them for now as the site does work properly and a bit faster.