Credit card number showing


Just a quick question. A client of mine called today to let me know a customer's payment failed on his CS-Cart website, based on insufficient funds. However instead of an encrypted credit card number in admin, this particular customer's credit card number is being shown in full. I can't find any information as to why that is, my assumption is that it allows admin to re-process the credit card manually once the failure is resolved. Is this the case? Also is there a way to disable this?


Credit card numbers are encrypted in the database but displayed to admin in the orders. It is assumed that since the admin account is password protected that the card number cannot be seen by anyone unauthorized.

There are many reasons why a merchant miight need the number…

That's understandable but I am trying to work out why ALL other orders that process successfully show the credit card encrypted and only this one failed order is showing the full credit card number. This leads me to believe it is showing it specifically because the order failed. It's not really a concern, I just want to know for future reference if that is the reason…and if necessary, is there a way to disable it.


they're not encrypted, credit card info has been removed so only the last 4 shows.

Check your settings in Orders/Order statuses for what status you have credit card info removed in.