Credit Card Number Leak

I have few customer complaining that right after they process the CC their card number gets compromise , We are using the latest version of Cs-Cart is that something to do with CS-Cart as we are using what seems to be the problem here as that’s the second customer who complaints about this is there any expert advise as far as looking into something

well it seems someone has used your servers,

test it

sniff ports and test transactions

if you need help i can assist for a modest fee uses https so I doubt if it's an interception of the data stream between Anet and your server. But never hurts to look. My guess is that you have some kind of trojan hack where someone is using a hook or pre-controller to capture credit card info after it's being entered by the customer.

Where sniffing might help is in detecting where the data is being sent to. Do note that for Visa you can use the test card number 4111111111111111 which will be accepted by the cart but ignored by the processor for testing.

Thanks - How I can sniff the transaction.

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Thanks - How I can sniff the transaction.


The fact you are asking means you are way out of your depth. Hire a professional before the Merchant closes your account.

If you are on 2.1.0, you are way overdue for an upgrade. Your server most probably could use a security upgrade as well