Credit Card Number Invalid

So I just noticed that all of my credit card transactions are failing. First it was because of CVV2 errors. I ended up processing these orders manually and they would work fine.

Today I removed the CVV2 requirement from as well as CS-Cart since another customer was having a problem. The error this time is that the credit card number is invalid.

I decided to try my own purchase using my personal credit card. It says my card number is invalid as well. I ran the same card through the virtual terminal in and it accepted the card number just fine.

I noticed this started happening about 1 week ago which was about the same time I was trying to upgrade to CS-Cart 2.0.11 without any luck… I made backups and restored everything to its original state which makes me think its not a cs-cart file problem.

Payments are still being accepted via PayPal through the CS-Cart system. No settings have been changed as far as the transaction key code or login number.

The fact that accepts the card manually but not through cs-cart leads me to believe its a cs-cart communication problem.

Any ideas?

I compared my current authorizenet_aim.php with my backup copy from 2 weeks ago and there are no differences

I found this thread: [url][/url]

This person had the same problem as me. They mention that changing Order Status settings caused him to have problems with accepting orders. On that note, I do recall making changes to my Order Status settings a few weeks ago as well.

I went through and unchecked all of the settings from each Order Status option and sure enough… the payments starting working again… I decided to back-track and figure out which one was causing the problems…

I determined that when the “Remove CC Info” checkbox is selected for the “Open”, or “O” status, it causes payments to be declined.

Whats strange… is when a payment is approved, its automatically set to “Order Received” or “P” status on my setup. Not sure why an unrelated order status would cause this problem.

Just a thought, racingsolution, but could it be that the order is actually in the Open status during the credit card input and by setting that checkbox, you’re actually trying to remove the info at the same time the cart is trying to process the card? Just due to the fact that the status is automatically set to Order Received when payment is approved would make me think that the checkbox and the entering of the credit card info during checkout are at odds with each other.

Maybe someone else has a better thought as to why is isn’t working otherwise but that’s my thought on it.

Interesting to know, by the way, because I think I have that box checked, too. I just haven’t tested my credit card payment yet!