Credit Card form stays when choosing PayPal Or Gpay (Stripe)

Not sure when this started happening as I just noticed it today. During checkout, if you go to select PayPal or Gpay as your payment method, normally the credit card form disappears. But now it stays there and you can’t get past it because it has required fields. This was not the case a few weeks ago when I was testing Gpay so I’m not sure what is causing the issue now. The only thing I recall changing was adding Gpay through Stripe as an option and when I tested it, everything was working as normal. I’ve tried disabling Stripe to make sure that wasn’t the issue but it didn’t change anything.

Any idea why the credit card form doesn’t go away when selecting PayPal or Gpay now?


Firstly, please change all passwords on any accounts that can access your store or the server that hosts it.

Secondly, please contact us via the Help Desk, it seems that malicious code has been added to your installation which is being used to steal your customers’ credit card details.

This magically seems to be working as of today. When I select PayPal, the credit card form now goes away as it should.