Credit Card Fields "Greyed Out"

Version 2.1.3

Cre-Secure Module for CC processing

One page checkout, with customers going to cart first.


I have an intermittent problem. Occassionally, a customer creates an order and gets to the credit card cre-secure form. They find that the fields for entering card holder name and the credit card number is grayed out and they are unable to enter information. They then go back and forth to the cart. In admin logs, I see order create and delete several times. I tried to re-create the problem by doing what the customer does. No matter what I do I can’t cause this to happen. I never had a problem with the credit card form. This does not happen all the time.

The last person was using a Mac with firefox.

Any ideas on what can cause this. I did have cs-cart look at their cre-secure mod and they tested and did not find anything.

For the last order, I was able to edit the incomplete order in the admin and enter the cc information into the form for the customer and complete the order.

Any ideas?



A follow-up from cresecure says its not them and cs-cart says it’s not them, but I have 4 customers that could not enter their credit card information.

What factors can cause a form field to be grayed out and prevent the entering of data?



Just a stab in the dark but have you got credit card payment allowed to be used for all users.



I did check and all users and groups can use credit cards. Three customers that had problems did not create an account and one did.

Thanks for your suggestion.