Creating Promotions


(Newbie here). I am trying to create a Promotion or coupon code where as the user would receive (for example) $40 off the price of the cart AND has to spend at least $40 to use the coupon. I know were to add the coupon code, but it is not intuitive to me. Can someone please direct me to a web page that will explain how to do this exact scenario or could someone please tell me how to do this?

The coupon code can only be used once. Once used, it expires itself and it will only be good for a certain amount of time.

Thanks in advance for you help. I really appreciate it.


You should be able to set it up something like:

I haven’t actually tested it, but it should work.

Hope it helps,



Please note when I click on “Catalog” and then on “Promotions”

I do NOT see any “add cart promotion” button.

Here is a screenshot of what I see

When I click on “add CATALOG promotion” button, I am redirected to this link.


so, I changed it to

[url][/url] <----(instead of catalog)

I finally got to the “add cart promotion” page

I did add 1 cart promotion like so :

BUT, when i click “edit” and I get to the edit page(of that cart promotion), if I click on “conditions”

You can clearly see on this screenshot that there are no conditions displayed :

Please advise

Beautiful! Thanks so much for your help (and screen prints)!!

I still cannot see any “add cart promotion” button. Anyone else have the same problem? what can that be cause from? Thanks for your help

That is a weird problem. My only guess is that you don’t have the proper admin permissions to do the promotions.

Is this your cart or are you doing it for someone else? Do you have root admin permissions or did someone set up an account for you?

If it’s not a permissions thing, than I’m not really sure what he issue would be. Hopefully someone else will chime in with an idea.


You bet, no problem. I’m kind of more of a visual guy so I really like doing the screen shots.


Thanks for the reply Brandon.

I do have full root admin access. It sure is a mystery to me

I'm having this exact same issue. Has anyone figured it out yet?

Which version of cs-cart are you using. The community addition only offers basic promotion and no coupons are included in that. I know I want the coupon part as well but need to build up before spending the money on the full blown professional version but hope to do so soon.