Creating product search pages or blocks

Please can I have some guidance to create pages that will allow the customer to :

  1. select a brand, then a model number, and forward to the correct product in the catalog.
  2. Allow the customer to enter a model number into a text box so cs cart searches in a specific category.
  3. quickly find a product by clicking on the correct model number on a list.

    Someone please help or can someone qoute on the above?

Well after a little trial and error I have managed to create a product option ‘brand’ and assigned several products to this. On the home page I have added a block with product filter for this brand. My next step was to create model numbers in product options which I have also assigned products. All this new info appears on the Features tab. The new block displays brand but nothing else. I’m i missing something, what are global options? I would like this block to have the ability to select brand, then be prompted with a drop down selection box for the model number and finally display the corresponding product. Please help, the CS documentation is not very clear.

Also if I was to create a page and add html links to model numbers, can I add to the link some sort of code that will only search the model number and list products that have this model number in the description? I assume you can add the model number to the below link to perform this search.

e.g. Model number 1, http://www.yourwebsite/index.php?

Did you manage to do this, I’m just about to start to try and add this feature.

~ Add side block which rotates brand images

~ click on brand image directs user to filter with all products listed under this brand