Creating HTML Pages to Increase Site Speed

My site is taking a very long time to initially load, and I have done a whole bunch of things I found on here to help speed it up.

My pages on the site do not change very often, so I was wondering if there was a way to save the pages as html so when the customer clicks on a page it is already pre built and it does not take a long time to fetch and execute all the PHP code.

I wish.

Enable cache, install Site Optimizer.

Hello, gatorguy!

You could use these steps to reduce the number of Http requests and speed up page loading:

  1. optimise images
  2. use css for images (tile them)
  3. apply minification for css and java (if you're using any)
  4. place css in the header and java in the footer.
  5. enable server-side compression
  6. use monitoring tools to locate the culprits.

    Shopping Cart Diagnostics can present you with daily performance reports and show the slow elements. You could also use it for monitoring all aspects of your store and error tracking on a regular basis.