Creating Custom Page Layouts

Maybe I’m missing something here, but is there a way to create a unqiue layout for a page.

For example, I need to create a page that is totally different than all my others. It would have no left or right side blocks and essentially be a 1 column page; with just the header and footer areas. I then need a custom HTML block in this page’s middle area with a IFRAME code.

I see in the admin where I can add blocks to a page, but not a way to give a particular page its own complete layout.

Can anyone suggest how to do this?

In the admin panel go create your page under the content tab and then you can specify blocks for this page by click the blocks link on the page you created. If you dont want any blocks then just disable them all for that page.

You can also add an html block or modify the main content area.

When I go to the page I created and click the block tab, it does not let me edit the individual page items. The left sidebox and right sidebox blocks do not appear here. (but are listed for the Pages design under the Design->Blocks menu) I also checked the Design–>Blocks–>Pages area andthe blocks in the left and right sideboxes do not have options to select what pages they will appear on. They appear on ALL content pages created.

When you create a page thru the content menu, it defaults to using the layout & blocks listed under Admin panel–>Design–>Blocks–>Pages. I want the new page I create to have its own layout separate from the Pages layout shared by all new content pages created.

i guess you can’t do that it seems… unless, you create a new sub tab maybe