Creating Custom Fields

I would love it if we had the ability to enter custom fields for categories & products. I am able to create it right now by customizing the code, but this would save the hassle and make updates easier.


You can add additional fields to products using Product features in admin area. See the post below for an example:



yeah, I’ve seen that, but this doesn’t allow the information to be edited from the manage products screen. unless i am missing something, you have to click on each product individually and go to the features tab to make changes.

if it was a regular product field, you would be able to change it from the bulk product management screen.

the same for categories as well. i haven’t started implementing other features yet on the site, so not sure yet if other areas could warrant custom fields.


You can mass edit the product features (last item in the third column) using the bulk edit screen. It is somewhat limited currently because you need to specify all the features at once - the next release will supposedly allow for selecting each feature individually.


Thanks, I see that now.