Create Vendor Account Using A Linkedin Company Page

Hi there,

It would be great if we vendor accounts could be creating using 1 step sign in with LinkedIN where the relevant details of the company would be fetched directly from the company page the individual manages.

By doing that, all the relevant details like “Company, Description, First Name, Second Name, Email, Phone etc” could be automatically fetched and would increase the conversion rate.

I’d be keen on testing out this addon if some developer is interested in building it.

Reviews on the same would be greatly appreciated.



In V4, see the Hybrid Auth addon which has LinkedIn functionality. If this new addon is anything like the Janrain addon which is available in V2/V3, users should be able to register by logging in to their respective social network account.

Hi StellarBytes,

If I'm not mistaken then while using HybridAuth, one can register as a user on the StoreFront and not as a vendor.

What I refer to is similar to HybridAuth but especially for creating the vendor account.

Thus, a vendor instead of filling this kind of form CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation would directly sign in using linkedin and select the company page he manages and the rest of the details will get autofilled.

This would save a hell lot of time as we find that form itself has too many fields and takes a lot of time.



Yes, sorry my mistake, that is indeed how it works - for the front-end only. I had assumed as the vendor registers via the front-end, they would be given the same options as any other user does with Hybrid Auth. Seems this would require significant extending of the HybridAuth addon, or a completely separate addon. Someone else who has actually implemented this change may be able to help you, otherwise you will need to look into a 3rd party customisation service. CS-Cart's “Simtech Development” team would do it, but their prices are hugely inflated in comparison to other 3rd parties, even for the simplest of addons.

Hello NaMo!

It's a good idea. I haven't seen a similar third-party add-on but it is really worth considering. If we see that more people are interested in this feature (allow vendors to sign in with LinkedIn with the auto-filling of the necessary details), we will consider its development.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hello Alt-team,

Thanks for the response. And I hope more people will upvote this idea and we should see this feature in near feature.