Create User Account after Google Checkout

At present, we only offer Google Checkout as a payment option. This works well for us.


When a customer uses this, it means that they do not have an account created within the store. This means many features of the store can’t be used such as customer accounts to view previous invoices, mailing lists, etc etc.

When google checkout processes the order, it send data back to the shop to create the “order”. Would anyone be able to help in advancing this so that it also uses the customer data to create a user account too?

Really hope someone can help.



We are planning on only using google checkout too, at least at the start anyways. So this is something Id like to know as well :slight_smile:

Hi David,

What if a customer already has an existing CS account and submits an order through Google Checkout? Will they be able to view their order history? You might want to check with the CS-Cart Dev team and see if they plan of fixing this in 1.3.5sp3 or find out how much it will cost and see how many takers there are in the forum that are willing to share the costs. I know I am seriously considering dumping and PayPal and going Google all the way.

Already asked. They want to charge me. I am living without it for now. And yes, the customer would be able to view their details etc.