Create unique ID for each Top Menu item?

Is it possible to create a unique ID for each Top Menu item? Would I also be able to do this for the BODY tag?

Just curious why you need specific ID’s on these.

I need to style each menu item differently with CSS. Each menu item will have a different rollover color or background image. I would like to have a unique CSS class or ID for each.

I would like to know if there is a unique identifier that I can add to the top_menu.tpl page. Something like:

  • This is the default code:

  • Any ideas?

  • Try this:


  • ```
  • @TonyK

    I did try that, but this code gives me the Visual name of the link. Example: If one menu item is labeled “Small Pets”, than the class would be “first-level-Small Pets”. This does not help.

    Is there a way to call a Slug or ID number?




    Try those

    Awesome! thanks TonyK.

    the smarty tag {$m.param_id} worked perfectly. This is the generated code for one of the menu items:

  • Thanks again.

  • Happy skinning :smiley:


    Thanks again for the help on finding the proper string to add to a menu item. Now I’m looking for a Smarty string to add a unique ID or Class to the Body tag.

    I tried


    but that gives me the actual Title with spaces.

    Any ideas?


    I also would love this, as well…I really need to easily target the same element differently on each page…I’m sure there’s a way to do this but I am unsure of what variable I need for this.