Create secondary set of categories?

How can i create a 2nd set of categories

this is important for a jewelry website

I want the first set to say type like rings earrings etc…

and the 2nd set say mens womens etc…

I tried Product features, Product filters, Global options but i can make a nice side box like the categories box

[quote name=‘rinx’]How can i create a 2nd set of categories


You need to make your second category a sub-category of the main, i.e. make a new category called “Mens” and make its root level category “Rings” or whatever.

Thats fine But then it will be lsited in the regualr Categories block

i want it in a sepertate block like

Categories2 box right below Categories1

You need to create a block with categories assigned “manually” where you can choose which categories you want to add to the block. This will allow you to choose any category that you’ve created and it can appear in this block separate from the other category block.

Hope that makes sense!

it makes sense but dosnt work if i select manually it dosnt looks as good as emenu or dynamic!

i want all sets to look as nice

What he is asking is how do you make the Filling: Manually to look like Filling: Emenu. What needs to be edited?