Create Non-Order / Quote Invoices

Is there a way to create a custom invoice within CS-Cart without placing an order? For example, say you meet someone at a convention (or anywhere in public) and they want to order/pay you for something on the spot in person, but you need to give them a professional invoice without processing it into the shopping cart as an online order. Is there a way to type in what you need for the customer and create this? Seems like it would be very similar to creating a quote, but just needs to quickly print out with our information and such. I’m not real keen on adding another plugin/add-on for just this, as the cart is really close to being able to do it out of the box, I just wasn’t sure if I haven’t been looking in the right places within the admin area or need a stock add-on activated to do it…


You can create an order in the admin panel manually. Simply don’t tick in the checkboxes Notify …, so no one will receive notifications, print the invoice and if required, delete this order from your store.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for the response. This will hopefully solve the situation. :slight_smile:

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