Create New Block is not showing

I have create a new Block but after save it it is not showing. It is a simple 1 line javascript code.
Is anybody can help me? attached screenshot

What kind of error do you see? Also check the Network section. Do you see new requests after the block is created?

Actually I am new for cs cart. I just created a new block only and put some javascript. after save it it is not showing in website.

Actually I have numbers of issue, please answer:
1- How to put JavaScript code just before end of BODY tag?
2- Some product’s images have querystring for ex: 1111.jpg?676765676
I want remove that querystring
3- How to add Javascript in head section.
4- Where is the header and footer files of bright_theme ?

The system puts all javascript to the bottom. If you want to avoid it, please use the data-no-defer

Bottom and top content can be edited on the Design → Layouts → Default page

There you can add custom HTML for the header tag

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