Create multiple production options as layers

Not sure if I’m labeling this correctly?

What I want to do is add global product options or product options in layers.

So, for the sake of this post, let’s say that I sell a pair of sneakers that for whatever reason don’t come with any shoe laces unless the size is a"10".

If the customer chooses 10 from a drop down list labeled “choose your shoe size”, that’s it, no more questions for them. If they choose any other choice like 8, 9, whatever… a followup option appears that says, “do you want to add laces +$5”

I know I could create a different product for each show by size and only offer laces as an addon with all products minus the product labeled as the “size 10 show”, but that would make the cart feel cluttered.

Can this be done with CS-Cart? If not, I’d like to throw it out there as a future wishlist item.

Hello ckad79!

Unfortunately, it can't be done by the default CS-Cart methods.

As a variant, you can, for example, add a separate option “Laces” with a remark that Sizes 6,7,8 whatever go without laces. I think it will be obvious for customers if they need this option or not depending on the size they have chosen.

Best regards, Alt-team

Alt team solution is the best way I think

or you could add option modifiers to the sizes, so you would have 1 dropdown box

size 6

size 6 & laces +$5

size 7

Size 7 & Laces +$5

Size 8

Size 8 & Laces +$5

Size 9

Size 9 & laces +$5

Size 10 & Laces

Size 11