Create category but redirect URL to another category?

Hello guys,

I'm trying to figure out a way to create a sub-category that appears in a primary category yet make it so once you click it, it goes to another sub-category within my store. Kinda like a redirect. Basically I have a universal product category that I'd like to place throughout the site within a few primary categories, but rather than re-create this universal category numerous times within these primary categories and have duplicate content, I only want to create it once and then just create category “icons” that would essentially link to the main universal category. (I hope this is clear. lol)

Any ideas? … I thought maybe I could change the URL within the SEO addon of a category, but it wont let you change the full URL path to direct it to another category URL.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hi hptmotor,

well you give any example it would be helpful. We have similar case, one main category and then many sub categories for the same, how we manage it is

  • create one primary category that is universal
  • then create many subcategories and assign products in those categories too
  • but now while creating any product add both primary and sub category to that product and make primary category as main category for that product.
  • activate seo addon with seo url category/productname.html
  • now your url for product will be (even when you are viewing products of any subcategory it will show url of main category)

    don't know it solve your problem, but it is how we manage seo url structure and better categorization of products on our website. Hope it will help u.