Create Block In Add On


I'm a newbie in cs cart. I researched and found out structure of addon. And I intend to create a block for adding to layout grid, for showing.

I created schema for new block in app/addons/my_changes/schemas/blog_manager/

$schema['adv_profile'] = array(
'templates' => array(
'addons/kols_profile/blocks/profile.tpl' => array(),
'wrappers' => 'blocks/wrappers',
'cache' => true

return $schema;

Found in some documents fro internet, I created new block template at design/themes/templates/addons/adv_profile/blocks/profile.tpl

Then I cleared cache, but when go to Manage blocks page for creating new block, I don't see my new block, click to create new block, I didn't see my template either.

So, how can I create new block from my block template?

Pls help me, thanks a lot.