Create Author Page For Books

Greetings all,

My client's cart is a storefront for books. She's got the individual books organized by topic (i.e. cooking, organizing). However, she would also like to have pages dedicated to each Author.

I know I can manually create a page for each author, but I would like to be able for that page to list that author's products as well. Can a more experienced user of CS Cart suggest a general strategy for doing this?

I imagined that I would be able to create a new attribute for a product, call it Author, and then list products by that attribute, but I can't seem to be able to find the functionality for this.


All right, here's what I've done:

  1. I've manually created a page for each author.
  2. In the block manager, I've created a new blocks location/layout for each author page.
  3. On each of those block locations, I've created a specific “products” block for that page, and manually selected the author's books for that page.

    This is pretty dang inefficient… I have to manually add each author's product to their pages. Plus, I've now got a dozen new block locations to manage - if I make changes to the sidebars, I have to change it manually on EVERY author page.

    One simple feature that would make this easier is to be able to add blocks PER PAGE… honestly, I don't understand why this isn't a feature.

    I sure would like some suggestions as to how I could have done this more intelligently, because I'm certain there's a way… thanks!

You could assign the author as a Product Feature. Using Select Box Extended type, you can add an image and a description for each of unique value. the image and description are included in at the top of the list of products that have that feature.

Make the feature into a filter and you are good to go.

It's very similar to a page for each, and can have an SEO name. There is a simple mod you can do to the product features template so you can add more linking to the feature list in the product tabs.

Yep, like Magpie said, just use extended features. Then use the mod here on the forum to end up with the features tab being something like what I've done at