Create an Add-On for version 2.2.4


I am new to CS-Cart and I want to create an Add-On for Opt-in Box. I checked the tutorial on this link http://docs.cs-cart…add-on-tutorial but it says that the code will only work for CS-Cart 3. I have already created an initial config for the add-on and it is seen already on the admin management side. I was able to install, uninstall and edit the settings of the add-on. What I want to know is how to connect this add-on using hooks so that it will work on the customer side and also, what HOOK should I use? I want it (opt-in box) to display on all pages.

Does anyone out there has an idea? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! :-)

By an “opt in box” do you mean like a subscription block? If so, why not just create it as a block and then you can include/exclude it on whatever page you want just like any other block. You'd put your block in

skins//customer/addons//blocks/.tpl in V2 and in V3 you can put the block anywhere but it is referenced by a schemas/block_manager/