Create A Rule And Popup Box For Local Customers

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I am currently using CSCart Professional v2.1.3. I sell live plants and ship all over the U.S. We also sell to a lot of local customers through CSCART that want to pick up their plants at my nursery without paying shipping.

I have set up the cart to allow them to choose a shipping method of “Pick up at Nursery” without paying for shipping fees when they check out. The problem is: Customers outside my local area choose this option, costing me shipping fees. I have searched all forums and cannot find a code or rule to prevent this from hapenning.

Can someone please help me implement a solution for this situation.

Thank you for your time and response.

use locations and set up a shipping method for that location

i.e. zip code based and add the shipping method to the zip code

OK, thank you for your quick reply. Greatly appreciated! :-) I thought that’s what had to be done but wasn’t sure. I will try this. Also, how do I make a popup notification (something like “Are you sure you want to pickup your order at the nursery?” They would then click an OK button or cancel button. “OK” button to continue placing the order, “Cancel” to return and change shipping method choice?

Thanks again!

Oh, BTW. I would like to have this type of order (“Pickup at Nursery” setup as a prepay only). How is this done?

Thanks again!

OK, I must be doing something wrong. I entered the zip codes per your instructions, but how do you add the shipping method to each zip code? Do you just type in the shipping method name along side the zip code or in some other way?