Create A Menu Link Which Just Show Products Which Are On Sale


My client new requirement just triggered up.

What he wants:

He want a main menu to have SALE menu. When user clicks on it it should show all the products which are on sale example ( the price is lesser then list price products)

What I did so far:

I looked up in menus and I even tried with blocks

Is there any tricks which you guys applied for your site or client sites guys. I know I have saw this in many site and my brain is not triggering out to find the solution for it.

Any suggestion will be much appropriated guys .


There is a ready made Addon exactly for this.

It also has on sale for each category.

Check this out:

You can add a page named “Sales”, then you add a new product block for Pages, with “On sale” template, that should be disabled for all categories, except for the “Sales”.

I think this is the easyest way to do it.