CPU load is real high?

My server locked up last night and needed a hard reboot. I noticed today that the CPU usage was at 38% and would move to 80% sometimes. This is a new server and it only has one website on it that usually only has about 10 people on it at a time. I disabled the account and then re-enabled it and the usage dropped to 3% but if I refresh the page a few times it jumps to 30%. I just recently installed ASL but once I noticed this I disabled mod_security and mod_evasive which did not help. Below are the specs of the server. If anyone can help or knows of a company that can please let me know.

CentOS 4.x X86_64 Bit

AMD 64 Athlon 3800+ Dual Core

146GB SCSI Hard Drive

1024MB RAM

Plesk w/ Power Pack 100 Domains

Apache 2.0.52

PHP 4.3.9

Atomic Secured Linux

1.3.5 should be out next week, upgrade and then see what happens

also read this [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showpost.php?p=18482&postcount=24[/url]

Thanks man, I hope this helps as I have another site that I need to put on this server using cs-cart and it gets even more traffic and has more products.

Do other peoples carts really take up that much of the CPU? I have never seen a PHP application with so few visitors create such a load before.

If you have your images stored in the database, you’re in for a big loading time that managed to choke our server a couple of times as there are endless queries for “image.php”. However it only happens when we have +7.000 uniques a day.

Is there a chance someone is trying to hack your site? What do the log files look like? This is strange, I don’t think it has to do with cs-cart version…

I was also thinking that someone may be trying to DOS us but the thing is that I can actually increase the load by refreshing the homepage of the site. This leads me to belive that if it is not the cart it is probably something with apache or PHP. I am considering upgrading to PHP5 to see if that will fix the issue.

If someone is attempting to DDOS you… sorry to hear it.

BUT simple refreshing the home page should not have ANY effect on the site’s operation. I’m willing to put money on a hardware issue, most likely RAM or CPU. Best that I’m not asked why, but given the issue relates to the ‘server’ load…

I’m running a localhost server, cutting back my pipe to the laptop (webserver) to 30kb I’m not able to get the server past 25% CPU load. (btw I’m using a 1ghz, 4 year old laptop) so I’ve got reasons to think it’s Hardware based.

I host many cs-cart clients and rarely have any noticible load issues.

The problem you are having is most likely caused from within the configuration of the Atomic Secured Linux package.

There are many variables within the software this package contains that impacts both system performance and bandwidth. Also, Modsecurity on a 64 bit platform can sometimes be trouble in itself but it is a very important application that you should be running if using CS-Cart.

mod_evasive is useless against a true DDOS attack and can also create performance issues. If DDOS attacks are a real worry then find a datacenter that provides true DDOS prevention on a network level such as http://Softlayer.com

If you would like a hand optimizing your server or just looking into this issue, send me a PM. I can provide you with references from this forum.



CyberLNC Hosting

Thanks man. PM sent.

I’m having high CPU load problems too… it worked fine for a while, then one day things went to hell. Then some tweaking in the admin and it went away (not sure what tweak did it)… now a month later CPU load is back again. I’ve never had a program with CPU problems - it’s always been heavy mysql issues.

Any ideas? I posted here,. please reply there. I’m currently loosing money as 3 days now and no sales when normally we get 10-30.