Coupons and tax...

OK, I searched and probably missed it so if this has been asked before I’m sorry.

We do custom work and for said custom work require a down payment. What I want to do is create a coupon to represent the prepayment when the balance is paid and have done this but I notice that for some reason CS-Cart is not applying tax correctly.

As an example, a customer purchased an item for $110.00 USD, the tax on the item is at 6.5% so $7.15 for a total of $117.15. The customer pre-paid $55.00 leaving a balance of $62.15 however when I use a coupon to represent the down payment of $55.00 the system says the balance due is $58.58 which is the total of the remaining $55.00 with 6.5% tax applied and not the actual total due of $62.15.

What am I doing wrong or is there a better way to apply the down payments?

Please advise…

I submitted a ticket with CS-Cart and they said it was by design and they can change it for a fee.

How do other people deal with down payments? There must be a way of doing it that doesn’t mess up the taxes.

Now that I think about it, shouldn’t coupons always be treated like tender? I mean the state expexcts me to pay tax on the total amount of the sale regardless of wether coupons are used or not.

Any ideas or opinions out there?

AFAIK coupons are taxfree. You pay tax on the product they spend money on, not the coupon.