Coupon Does Not Appear

I am new to CS Cart, so I am probably missing something very basic, but when I try to set up a coupon it does not appear anywhere. I expect that it would prompt the buyer during the checkout process but I do not see it anywhere.

I was careful in how I set it up and tried general coupons as well as product coupons. Nothing worked. (I was able to get a discount to work.)

Any help is appreciated.


I don’t think that the coupon will actually show up anywhere as you would need to create a promotion ad and post it somewhere.

There should however be a slot when checking out to enter the coupon code.

Thanks for the reply.

I may not have explained the problem clearly. I am not intetrested in seeing the coupion, just a text box where customers enter the coupon code to receive the discount. How do I do this? Do I need to do something with promotions instead of or in addition to the coupon?

Any additional help is appreciated.

The coupon box is shown in Cart and Checkout, ONLY if there is a valid coupon in the system, i.e. it has not expired.

Thanks, Charlie.

I made sure that the coupon had not expired and that I set the number of coupons to a large number, but I still see nothing. Any other ideas?

What type of coupon have you made? Global, Category, product or User.

disregard…i was thinking gift certificates

Thanks this information will save my time to create new topic :smiley:

I figured it out. I had the valid date set for only yesterday (the day I was testing). Once I set the end date beyond the current date it worked. I guess the internal system clock must have been set several hours ahead, moving it into the next day. If anyone can verify my theory about the clock and possibly tell me how to set it to Pacific time, I would appreciate it.


Home—> Settings—> Appearance

Set your time zone under common settings