Coupon / Discount "Bugs" v2.0.8

I submitted the following to Support. Didn’t know if anyone else had noticed these 'bugs" as well or had a fix. The first one is the most urgent right now. Using v 2.0.8. Thanks

#1 Discount Amount not shown on Invoice.

When viewing an order in the admin area, in the charges summary, you see the Subtotal, Shipping Cost, Discount, Coupon, Taxes, & Total. When you print of e-mail the invoice, the “Discount” amount is not shown. I imagine this is something within the “if” statement in the ‘invoice.tpl’, but I am not certain.

#2 Cannot apply or delete coupon code when editing an order.

When you edit an order, the line to enter a coupon code is not available. You are also not able to delete a particular coupon, like you are when creating an order. You only have the option to edit the actual order discount amount. If you have multiple coupons applied, you may only want to delete one.

#3 Cannot edit Order Discount while creating admin order.

When you are creating an admin order, you cannot edit the Order Discount line. The checkbox for editing is shown, but you cannot select it. It appears to only be selectable, after you create the order and go back in to edit the order.

#4 Discount amount rounds to nearest dollar.

The discount amounts should round to the nearest thousandth (i.e. $9.95, not $10.00). This happens when a discount is applied to a item in the cart with a coupon, as well as when manually editing the Order Discount amount in the order.

Have you send a request to the helpdesk?

Yes. I’ve also added it to the Bug Tracker. I was looking to see if anyone else in the community had encountered these.

Links to bug tracker:





There are quite a number of tickets raised at the bug tracker in regards to discounts issues if a search is done via the bug tracker.

I know. At the time of the OP, I was blind and did not see the link to the Bug Tracker here in the forums, I was looking on the main site.

I’m getting a little frustrated with CS-Cart and may end up abandoning it again. I was hoping v2.0 would make it a much better cart. While it is good, it’s unfortunate that some of the most basic functions (discounts & shipping calculations) are just horrible.

Well, I say give cscart some time to fix these problems for v2.0.

I get frustrated at times too. But it is really a very monumental task to refactor all the code from v1.3.5 to v2.0 and still hope to maintain all the functionalities without any problems.

The main problem with discounts as I see it, is because the whole discounts/promotions feature is changed completely from v1.3.5 to v2.0.

As such, the new promotions feature did not get as much extensive testing as there was for v1.3.5. And thus, weird bugs, quirks, do crop up especially in real life situations.

I am not saying that cscart should ignore this problem, but do give them some time. I’ve gone through the whole promotions code myself in hopes of trying to tweak some stuff here and there personally, and it is really complicated. To an extent that I gave up trying to follow all the logic.

For your points,

Point 1: #1 Discount Amount not shown on Invoice.

Try to see if the quick fix I’ve written in [url][/url] helps. At least for the time being till cscart release their next fix.

Point 2: #2 Cannot apply or delete coupon code when editing an order.


zeke confirm it as a temporary removal. It should be reenabled once they figured out how to do it? I’m not sure when. Though I agree that it is really very restrictive when you need to edit orders.

Point 3: Similar to point 2. If they can fix point 2, that means the point 3 should be fix together, I figured.

Point 4: #4 Discount amount rounds to nearest dollar.

I’ve not meet with this problem yet. Is it only for coupon discount? Meaning you have to apply the coupon code. Can you let me know what is the exact promotions condition you specify. When I have time, I can try to see if it happens on my side too, if yes, I will try to look through the code to see if a quick fix can be done.