coupon configuration

I would like certain customers only to pay a fixed price posatge regrdless of the size of their order.

Is the best way to do this with a coupon code?

If so how do i create a coupon in 2.0.9?

Ive created a promotion, but if i try allocate a coupon to it, it wont. So I assume I have to create this elsewhere?

any help appreciated.

Have not tried this but it should work:

  1. Create a new user group (e.g., Fixed shipping)
  2. Assign user group to the qualifying customers
  3. Create manual shipping method with the fixed shipping charges and set the user group to only your Fixed shipping.

    If you do not want other shipping methods to appear for your fixed shipping user group, you will need to change the user groups assigned on all other user groups from ‘All’ to the specific user groups allowed.



Appreciated, thats made life a little easier.

Cheers mate!