Coupon Code Field not showing up on cart?

I don't see the field for the Coupon Code anymore…any suggestions??

Why doesn't the field show in Checkout or Cart page?

Do you have an active promotion with valid codes ?

I found that if I didn't have any promotions active that needed a code then the field would not show.

Yes you are correct and I knew that…- I have a Coupon Code entered but the condition was “Equal or Less” should be “Equal” now it works.


[size=4]i have a question that…

i have configured a coupon code on a product.

and now i want to show that coupon code on product view page.

so plz. suggest me what to do for applu\ying this.

on product view page i wanna show to customer that this is a coupon code by that you can get a discount applied on.[/size]