Cost Price/Price increases

There has been much discussion about cost price and price updating.

We have been experimenting with the available price fields, List Price and Price.

We have discovered that if you put your cost price in the “List Price” field and your sell price in the “Price” field, the “List Price” field isn’t displayed because it is less than the “Price” field.

This is very convenient because in Admin Panel you can see them both on one screen in the product and can list them for multiple products! Hence you can edit cost and sell price easily.

We have also used this and only put in the cost price “List Price” field on a few products and then used the “Global Update” feature to put the sell price “Price” field in using a markup % principal.

We also used this for any option price differences using the % markup.


Product Cost £10.00 “List Price”

Global % 50 = £15.00 “Price”

Product option size 1 = 0% =£15.00

Product option size 2 = 10%=£16.50

Obviously this won’t suit everyone but we are certainly looking to implement this!

We have checked this in various places ie featured product block etc and can’t find anywhere were the “List Price” shows, so it is effectively a “HIDDEN” field.

Comments??? :rolleyes:

Here’s a little addon that adds the list price above the normal price. If you want to edit the “Old Price” text, it’s in the “Content” > “Languages” section; Do a search for “Old Price”.