Cost Markup Addon

I'm wanting to have an addon to enable me to only enter my actual cost of a product, then have cs-cart automatically markup a set amount across the board for all products.

I would be fine with an addon that only does that…but it would be nice to add other luxuries like not allowing that markup price to exceed the MSRP of the item, and also if I discount the item to not allow it to go below my cost.

For example:

I have a widget that my cost is 1.00

I mark it up based on a 30% margin (1.00/0.7) so the item price customers see would be $1.43

If I offer an automatic daily deal and that item is deep discounted, the addon won't allow the item to fall below my cost of $1.00

Is this possible with an addon, or does it require core mods?

Hi Kevin13952

we have an Addon for adding Supplier cost and get margin per product (Τιμή Προμηθευτή και Κέρδος - CS-Cart Addons/Πρόσθετα at Cscart.Biz | CS-Cart Market by We might be able to make those changes on that for you and make it work this way.

You can email me at info [@] dvs . gr