Correct Edit of files

Hello people,

I would like to edit the css files of the basic skin, but when i update cs-cart, these files get overwritten and all the changes i have done on styles.css for example are gone.

My question is how should i edit the files so when i update the software my changes are not overwritten?

Thanks for your time,



Search through the forums for “My Changes” and “hooks”. There area ton of threads here on the forum that deal with exactly what you need.

I know I've written directions at least once here and I TonyB has written them plenty of times.

Just search around and you'll learn tons and exactly what you need to do.



Thank you very much mate for your reply. Will look on what you told me, and give feedback if have any issues.


You can also read:

It's old and was written before my_changes showed up. But if you change 'local' to 'my_changes' everything will make sense.

It will give you an idea of how the hooks work.