Copying Upgraded Dev Store Back Into Live Store

I have upgraded, re themed in my live store, and ready to now start working on the live store.

The amount of changes took me days, is there any way I can use the work I have completed in the dev store within my live store, so I do not have to repeat absolutely everything again.

Thank you


Export users, order and products from live to dev store. Then make full backup (from the admin panel) of the dev store (database, files and images) and restore it on the live one.

P.S. Just in case create full backup of the live store before

I failed first time doing this because my dev store was newer version of cs-cart and had different add-ons activated so I think I did something like ...

1) backing-up before you start (I did both server back-up of databases and folders/files, AND admin panel back-up ... to be sure, to be sure!)

2) upgrading live store to match dev store cs-cart version

3) ensuring add-ons match between live and dev store i.e. same add-ons configured in same way

4) then export your live orders/customers/products

5) delete live store

6) copy dev store folders/files to live store

7) import orders/customers/products (from step 4)