Copy shipment notification emails to admins

I wanted to be able to copy myself on the shipment notifications. That way, I am the first to know if they don't go out for some reason or if there is an error of some sort. I also like to have one on file to resend if the customer complains about not getting one (since there is no option to resend this particular notification in the admin area)

This method just sends out a duplicate email to the orders dept. There is probably a better way (like adding an actual cc or bcc) but I didn't know how to do that and this worked! So, here you go.


In controllers/admin/shipments.php


fn_send_mail($order_info['email'], array('email' => $company['company_orders_department'], 'name' => $company['company_name']), 'shipments/shipment_products_subj.tpl', 'shipments/shipment_products.tpl', '', $order_info['lang_code']);


fn_send_mail($company['company_orders_department'], array('email' => $company['company_orders_department'], 'name' => $company['company_name']), 'shipments/shipment_products_subj.tpl', 'shipments/shipment_products.tpl', '', $order_info['lang_code']);


Hope this helps someone.


BTW, I have 2.2.1 but this would probably work for older versions as long as the original code is the same as what I pasted above (under “Underneath”).