Copy products to another store

I have two licensed stores.

Awhile back I duplicated a full store but I cant remember how I did it.

I want to export all my products, prices, and descriptions from store 1 to store 2.

How would you go about it…

Thanks in advance!


Store 1 - Admin->Export->Save file

Store 2 - Admin->Import->Load saved file from store 1

umm… sweet… .Thanks…

Ive done it before with out an issue, but with 250+ product, I wanted to make sure.


I am not sure if the export method will work for all products. I exported products and product combinations. Unless I am doing something wrong I don’t see anything regarding Option exceptions, none of my text fields and text field parameters such as the regular expressions, inner hints and comments, description, etc. I do see in the import the product options contained in the drop-downs, but not the description or comments that go with them. Is all this information that I don’t see and part of the product information available for export an import?

I would think that an entire database transfer would be necessary to include all the product information.

I have to do this myself in a few months and would like a process that would transfer all product information.



if the Cs version is the same, it’s a lot easier, simple and trustable to just copy(store 1)/upload(store 2) entire database rather than export/import csv files

I could be wrong, but can’t you just have store number two directed to the database on store number one? That way when you make a change it woulod reflect in both locations?

Just a thought.

Yeah I have sections on one site that I would like to go over to my other site, but I want to take all the product option images and combinations etc with me.

I auume this would be database table moving to ?


Remember that the path to images is stored in the DB but the images themselves are in the file system. Hence you need to copy the DB as well as the /images directory so they stay in sync. Also, there is a file called /skins//customer/blocks/block_locations that is also dynamically modified (says what blocks go where).

I have a shell script that will delete products, news, etc. from a site (used when demo is originally loaded). Inverting it would probably tell you what tables to capture. PM me and I’ll send it to you.