Copy & Paste Images From Pc To Product Description

Just curious i know it is possible to do so to simply copy a image from pc to a product description on cs cart… but i just want to know where are the images stored? Will it affect anything if i do that way instead of uploading each image directly to my host and then display it on my product description or copy and paste is fine? Because uploading each image one by one is just hectic for each product i create…

Please let me know.

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i know it is possible to do so to simply copy a image from pc to a product description on cs cart


Not sure how you “know” that, but it's not true. For any image to be available on the internet it has to be on a server somewhere. So yeah, you have to upload it.

I mean i know the image successfully shows on product description by copy and paste, so i thought it automatically saves the image to the host… But yeah i get your point.


Actually, it can be done with the CKEditor wysiwyg editor (you can find it on the Settings > Appearance page). You can just drag and drop the image to the Full description field and it will be saved in the data URI scheme format.

Oops! Sorry! According to Simtech I was wrong. Sorry also for my condescending tone!

Kingsleypress its cool…

Anyways so i'm assuming if i do copy & paste or drag images to my product description when adding a new product the images will stay on there? exactly where are those images stored? and will it cause any issues later on instead of just uploading it to the host it self and then display?

In this case there is no image file on the server. Raw image data will be stored in the product description. As far as I know, Data URIs do not work in IE 5-7. There are many pros and cons in using this method. There is an article about this in Wikipedia: