Converted Site To Https, Webmaster Tools Shows Server Connectivity Error

After converting the site to https and adding the site to webmaster tools - it is showing a server connectivity error in Webmaster tools.

I submitted the sitemap index about 8 hours ago. So far there are 0 URLS indexed but also 0 reports of the bot being blocked.

I was able to fetch the home page as Google so not quite sure what the issue is or where I need to go from here.

Thanks in advance for the help.

which version are you running ??? have you removed the noindex nofollow data from the seoaddon ???

problem is sitemap which is generating regular http links

Hi Demeldoo,

My sitemap shows https links

Other forum members have found and resolved this issue

Google Sitemap Addon Https:// Fix. - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

some time google needs to index…it may take a much more… you have commented the return false line in the seo addon???

you don't have nofollow. noindex on product pages in the source code?