Conversion scripts

Is there plans for a conversion script from say the other “X” site to cs-cart?

Just wondering.

Wouldn’t it be nice? I received a quote of $200+/-, but I feel it would be beneficial to the CS-Cart team to create scripts that will import the “X” data. Not to mention a substaintial boost in refugee sales.

yea, $200 aint that bad considering.

Thanks for the post.

If we are to pull people from the other platforms to this one, this is a requirement that will need to be fulfilled. This is one of the most asked questions of any platform once people come into the forums.

If we are to pull people from other places to here, we will need a way to let them know it will be painless and that is in conversion from other platforms to this one.

General database conversion (other statistics like prior sales and performance)

Customer base conversion

Product and image conversion

This is a must and even then, there will be people ask for help in doing conversions, so there will still be a way for CSCart to make money on transfers.

If you offer free conversion tools, that is the hook, but if you have a larger store, or are not so development capable, there are still going to be a large number of requests for assistance.

This is something that people like us that do the majority of our own work will need and use, but will tell the masses there are free tools available for conversions too!

We (current X to CS users) could also pool together some $$$ and bankroll this ourselves. I have X stores on multiple versions and will probably need a conversion script for each release. I’m willing to kick in $50, project manage the development of the conversion scripts and provide updates back to the group. I’m sure if we get 5-10 people, the CS team will start development within the next few days. Although, this script will probably be forthcoming… I don’t have the time or patience to wait for it. :wink:

I think we need to first identify the coverage the scripts would handle.

We would need to decide which versions get the scripts fist. Why? IF it ends up that WE do as you suggest, and WE pay for this to be done. Who will pay for what?

If I help you for your 3.5 conversion for example, are you going to pay for my 3.4?

There are a ton of versions on top of all of the different platforms.

So, if you go by sheer numbers of users alone, then the major scripts to be used to concert people will be x by far, then down the line as your other thread was displaying %’s.

I just don’t know how easily a script can be built, what the costs would be to do this AND again, is it really a viable task that WE as a GROUP pay for this to be done.

Do you see my point? If I look at it like the following how well will it work?

I have 1 store on 3.4.14, which meant a script to be created for the 3.4 branch.

Four of you have 3.5 branch stores, then there are four up front people that would have no issues sharing those costs, but for me, no one really wants to jump in due to their not being able to share the cost.

So, how do we as a group do this? Ask for ALL branches to be supported by scripts as a bulk creation and split the costs?

Or is this something that is done by CSCart and written off as cost of doing business or marketing costs in order to be more appealing to people in order to draw them into this platform?

These are all things to think about and discuss and we have yet to hear anyone’s thoughts on the part of CSCart have we?

[quote]So, how do we as a group do this? Ask for ALL branches to be supported by scripts as a bulk creation and split the costs?[/quote]


I already have a quote from CS to do my store (4.0.x) for $200.00. I also have stores in version 3.2.x and 3.5.x and maybe a couple others. If we got enough people to bankroll this, we can start with a complete 4.0.x conversion and then build them all recursively downward for each version. This way, everyone wins. We don’t have to wait for the conversion scripts and pay a minimal fee. CS-Cart still gets paid for the development of the scripts and can offer them to potential customers as another reason to switch.

CS-Cart can already import products and categories, but I need all of my customers and order history imported as well. Money talks…

I totally agree, but I want to ensure that ALL here could benefit AND still be viable for future fence jumpers.

So, like me, you also hold on to older carts. I think they were stronger, and faster, plus with the mods, you just hate to throw that away.

I still have a 4.0 branch I paid to be upgraded and have yet to use. It was too slow and never was finished. Then, I was charge to answer two questioned about the upgrade so I dropped it all like a rock and told myself I would wait for the new branch to be released. If it sucked, I openly said I was to leave for here.

I got banned for sticking up for other users that were getting burned, so now I am here sooner than I thought, but nonetheless, it was a move I think I would have made anyhow.

Now instead of just new stores in this platform, I want them ALL in this platform.

I just need help getting CSCart to give me things I think would make this cart more appetizing to other users AND modders.

Once the numbers grow, so will the modders. If I get my modders here, then I get all of my mods converted to this platform and I can move my remaining stores here.

So, I think this is the first place to start by offering free conversion tools to them. So if we need to pay a small amount up front to make it free for them to make the jump, I guess I would have to participate to do it.

So how many people will need to pitch in to make ALL of these scripts needed to make the conversions? And is CSCart up for this?

Well I just paid $30.00 yesterday in gas to fill my car up, so $50.00 is really not that much money when you think about it. Maybe I should just start a new thread and allow people to vote on whether they think this is a good idea or not. Basically, it is for current and future X refugees, but it doesn’t really matter if you or I think it’s a good deal or not. I would like to get a minimum of 6 people at $50 each before I even approach the CS-Cart team. 10+ people would proably ensure that conversion tools would be released for all X versions.

So… do I have any takers? Please reply to this thread or send me a PM if you are interested. Only those who pay will have first dibs on the conversion tools.