[Contact us for a price] cscart V2


I could not figure out how to enable the [Contact us for a price] feature on CS-Cart 2

I set the price of the item to 0 , but [Contact us for a price] is not displayed on the item page.

Does anyone has an idea?

Also looking for this…anyone?

Was reported as a bug with CS Cart

The fix of this bug has been included into the next update of CS-Cart. If you wish to apply the changes to CS-Cart version 2.0.4, please modify the “buy_now.tpl” file located in the “skins/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN]/customer/views/products/components” directory of your CS-Cart installation and replace there the following part of code:

{if ($product.price|floatval || $product.zero_price_action == "P" || $product.zero_price_action == "A") && !($settings.General.allow_anonymous_shopping == "P" && !$auth.user_id)}

With this one

{if ($product.price|floatval || $product.zero_price_action == "P" || $product.zero_price_action == "A" || (!$product.price|floatval && $product.zero_price_action == "R")) && !($settings.General.allow_anonymous_shopping == "P" && !$auth.user_id)}

Save the file and check the result.

How do you set the “Contact us for price” option on a product? Is this supposed to appear in the Zero price action dropdown?


It works. Thank you