Contact Page "layout" Appears Locked

So my contact page doesn't seem like it's going off an existing layout in Design -> Layouts.

It seems to use its own located at "Website -> Content -> Contact us (Form) -> Layouts tab".

On this layouts tab I cannot add any new blocks or remove existing ones, does anyone know how I can change this around? I want to add some custom blocks.

It should be available on the Design -> Layouts page. Note that there is an ability to add different layout pages for different CMS pages.

Doesn't look like I can choose any custom page created under "Website -> Content", including the contact page from the dropdown list when trying to add a new layout on that page though. Here is a screenshot showing what I can see:

I presume I set a custom 'dispatch', to assign a layout to a page, is that right? Though how do I find that out? And will it even work?

When I look at my contact page under "Website -> Content -> Contact us" this is the query string that I get:


This suggests that the dispatch doesn't actually update for each custom page?

Am I missing something here?