Considering Upgrade From 2.24

We have been having a few issues with our store on version 2.24 and were considering upgrading. Just hoping to get a little more information about upgrading.

What are the main differences in version 2.24 and the newest version?

What are some of the main things you gain by upgrading?

How difficult is it to upgrade?



Most of our clients who get their sites upgraded want to get better security and solve the annoying issues in the old version. The difficulty really depends on how customized your cart is.

Please check how to upgrade your store here

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Only 4.0.x version is mentioned there, but you can use these instructions for 4.1.x version also.

The most common issue - PHP version. Old CS-Cart versions do not support new PHP versions and vice versa.

If you have any troubles, contact us and we will help you to upgrade the store.

All updates I did in past were on local pc with installed wamp it allows you changing via PHP versions easily. Most likely PHP version on your server will be too old for new version, so you'll need to sort hosting problems too.