Considering switching from WP to CS Cart for multi vendor options

Hi all,

we are a peculiar business as we are a physical shop in Washington DC providing controlled substance (weed) as gfits for purchases of art in our gallery. This is called “gifting” and you can find out more how it is legal on Wikipedia and other sites thanks to Initiative 71.

We cannot sell online direclty nor deliver, however we are also and before anything an art gallery and as such we had requests from street artists to resell art on our online shop.

For this we are considering switching CS Cart from WP as we think WP is too bloated and we are not thrilled with its multivendor modules, especially with CS Cart’s reputation of being so SEO friendly.

Can anyone provide insight / recommendation on CS Cart Multivendor options ?

Here is the link to our site : Giving Tree DC Weed dispensary and cannabis gifting shop in Washington, DC

thanks for any help !


cscart has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s great for customization. There are some satisfactory aspects, but it is slow due to the method of loading both css and js on the first page. If there are many products, the database load is heavy, so higher specifications are required than other cms. Adding add-ons is mostly satisfactory. Some vendors‘ features may not be acceptable. Vendors cannot create promotions or coupons. Unable to create variation of feature. And high upgrade subscription costs. Support service costs. Multi-vendor is a method where the seller delivers directly.

These posts highlight some features of cs-cart multivendor

This post highlights some of the good and bad Complaints about CS-Cart

This thread highlights a problem with multivendor promotions, depending on configuraiton vendors either can’t create promotions or the promotions apply to all vendors not just the vendor who created it (this is an example of ‘working as designed’ where that is not acceptable) Promotions/coupons Do Not Work In Multi-Vendor

No, they can, in case you will use the Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments add-on (available in Plus and Ultimate redactions).

Vendors can manage features if you allow them to.