Connecting Fruugo - Data Feeds

as i m not a specialist, I just wanted to know if i'm right or totally out.
Is it possible to generate data feeds with the DATA FEED add-on to Fruugo ? By this way, Cs Cart will deliver regularly csv file on a dediceted URL, and Fruugo will take it many times a day.
But do you know how to get back and under which format, data from Fruugo ? and how to implement this data return in order to process the orders ?
thanks for your lights !
Fruugo specifications are here if interested in:

Try to set up Data feeds module

In the data feed setting, you can specify directory on the server which will contain generated file. So you can use special directory which will be available through direct URL



I know and understand that. But is it possible to get back informations from Fruugo as well by the same way ?

Try to play with advanced import. As far as I remember, it can receive csv data from URL


I would to try it but don't see where creating my cron password ?

do you know ?


Check Data feeds addon settings