Confusion for Customers Also Bought?

Just followed Knowledge base 2.0: Addons → Blocks → Displaying the ‘also bought’ products procedures, and saw this message - Please switch to products details page to add block content. Then I switched one products details page → blocks, I only saw the Enable for this page under ‘also bought’ block.

My Questions:

  1. How to add the block content???:confused:
  2. When ‘also bought’ block will be showed on product detail page

The “also bought” content is dynamic - based on what other customers have purchased. All you can do is set the maximum number displayed (using “limit” in the specific settings). You just need to enable the block (tab) for each product you want the block displayed.


Hi Bob,

Got it and Thanks for your help!

I think cs-cart need to change the example screen pictures for the new version…lol