Conflicts Among Addons

Hello To All,

I am new to cscart development I am facing an issue. At the time of Installing an addon. i.e.
1) After clicking on manage addons and selecting Upload addon button a pop appears.
2) Then selecting addon zip file from local machine.
3) When I click the upload button. The ajax call begins and then stops and nothing happens i.e. I am not redirected or displayed any error instead of it I remain on the same pop up window from where i have to upload the zip file where 3 methods are defined.

The file name is still visible on the pop up window.

I contacted my friends who already are in cscart development.they told me that there may be case of conflicting files with other addons.

I search the files and found them.
I did changes the files name in my addon and again tried but still facing the same issue.

My friends also told me that we can check the issues of PHP by creating error log and also in function stack. I have heard these terms for first time so I searched on internet but no results.

Please provide me the solution of these above problems.

Thanks and regards.

At first try to check server error logs. Most possibly you will find new errors there

Can you guide me how to do it.
As i am not very familiar to it.
Please guide me.

Thanks now its fixed.
I was able to implement Error log command.