Conflicting PHP... Now I'm Screwed!

As I posted yesterday, I installed V4 and the store import tool quits after 15 minutes. Someone informed me that it was a bug and would be fixed in the next release.

OK, that's fine, but meanwhile, because I had to upgrade my server to a later version of PHP in order to handle V4, now it seems old store is invisible, as you can see here:

Granted, I could ask my host to revert to the old PHP again (assuming this fixes the problem), but won't that prevent me from being able to use V4 when it comes out?

In other words, it looks like both versions of CSC can't co-exist on the same server (as they each need a different PHP). Or am I missing something?

If you are on a VPS versus a shared server (and some hosts may support this on shared), you can install a different versions of PHP and your host can give you a line to add to your .htaccess file that will associate the “site” with the version of PHP you want to use. I.e. you can have PHP .2 for your V2/3 site and PHP 5.4 for your V4 site. If you're on a shared hosting plan from a major provider then you will probably have to upgrade to a VPS to get this enabled.


I thought that php version 5.3 will work with both 4.0x and 2.2.4 pro. I currently have 5.2 and was going to upgrade to 5.3.

I do use shared hosting and won't be using a VPS.



Thanks for the info Tbirnseth, but it looks like there's more to it. I contacted my host and they were able to “split” my VPS space to accommodate both PHP versions. Problem is, the V3 cart is still invisible on the front end.

I know it was there after I had originally gotten the new php upgraded because I wanted to make sure that that action didn't mess anything up. Something must have happened during the failed store import attempt(s).

I submitted a help ticket to CSC, but meanwhile I'm dead in the water…Great.

I have v4 and v3 both on 5.3 right now and everything works great. I don't know what is involved in downgrading back, but you can definitely have both version working on the same server.



Bob, yes you are correct. I was just using it as an example of having 2 (or more) instances of PHP available on the same server.

MFD, Have no idea what “invisible” means. If you mean that you get a white screen, then look at your php error_log file to see what's failing. Also, if you can get into admin, clear your cache or remove the contents of directory var/cache.

As of this morning, “invisible” meant that there was a 1/2" high band of the image I use for my background at the top of the screen running left to right, with white below that for the rest of the screen. No text or anything else.

Now i see that it means something different. Click the link provided in my opening post. It does seem to indicate PHP errors. Not that I have any freekin clue what it means of course.

BTW, I don't know if this has any bearing on the matter or not, but I have this add-on installed on my V3 cart:

I noticed during the store import that this was the first thing it tried to import and it seemed to linger over it for at least 5-7 minutes.

Probably nothing, but figure I'd mention it.

It would appear that your DB is not correct. To deal with the problem in your first post, suggest you go into your admin panel (assuming you can get there) and then go to Design/skin selector and re-choose a customer skin to use.

But it does appear that it's trying to find a 404 page and it can't find that either.

You seem to have a number of missing files and messed up DB.

Things just went from bad to worse. Now I get the same error message when I try to access my admin (where it was totally accessable) yesterday).

I still have not even gotten so much as a canned response from the help desk as of this morning :-(

Hopefully you made a backup before doing anything, I always have issues things do happen then I just install all new files and hit restore and restore back to what it was and images may be a problem and I always have a copy in the same folder on my desktop