Conflicting Category SEO Names


I’ve found a bug in the SEO addon in CS-Cart Version 2.0.4,

It causes a 404 error when categories are created with conflicting names.

For example on a fresh install if I create a category called “Blue and Green”, and then create two sub-categories within that called “Blue” and “Green”, I’ll be able to access the “Blue” category fine, but the “Green” category will give a 404 error.

The same happens if I create a category called “Art and Photography” and then create a two sub-categories called “Art” and “Photography”. I’ll be able to access “Art” fine, but I’ll get a 404 when accessing “Photography”.

My testing shows that the problem occurs specifically when the SEO name of the sub-category matches the last part of the SEO name of the parent category.

For example if the SEO name of the parent is “art-and-photography” then you can’t have a sub-category with an SEO name of “photography”. If I change the SEO name of either the parent or the child to resolve this conflict then it works fine.

That’s the bug report done, but I also just wanted to say Hello! I’ve worked with CS-Cart a lot over the past couple of years, but haven’t gotten involved in these forums much up until now. I think it’s a wonderful piece of software, one of the best I’ve ever worked with, please keep up the good work.

Thanks, Andy

Welcome Aboard Andy,

Did you post the bug in the bug tracker?

If not, I can.

Thanks for the find!




No, sorry I didn’t notice the bug-tracker. I see you’ve posted my report. Thank you.


When this bug will be resolved?

It was only posted a couple of hours ago, give them a chance.