Conflict Between Addons - Search Engine Friendly Url Addon And Third Party

I want to call this actually the conflict addon topic but that might not cover the underlying issue.

I need to ask my fellow members on the forum the following.

1. how many of you make use of the multilingual option with CS Cart in combinatie with third party SEO URLS and the built in Search Engine Friendly URL rewrite module


2. how many of you have ever had to report issues of one addon having conflicts with other addons that are interacting with each other on the checkout level ?

3. how many of you had this solved and how ? Did the developers of CS Cart gave you a workaround or did you have to ask the addon developer to solve the problem that might originate with the built in addons supplied by CS Cart ?

I have the sincere impression that not many use that many addons like we do and thus have less conflicts. I have the impression that there is somekind of limit on how many addons can actually live and work witch each other in one CS Cart install.

I hope to find some answers and talk to store owners how have had these issues.