Configuring hybrid login

I saw that CS4 has a very cool hybrid login feature, which allows customers to log in using their social network of choice.

I know I have to create some developer IDs on these social networks so I can tie them to the hybrid login feature, however there does not seem to be any instructions on how to do it (or I could not find it).

So, how do I install and configure hybrid login, and how do I get these developer IDs?

You have to create accounts on the developer sites (,, etc etc) for the social logins you want to use and fill in the request forms for ids and keys. Once you have those it's just a matter of entering them into the add-on settings.

I must admit though that the other (non-CS) sites I run very rarely see anyone log in with their social credentials.

Hi NairdaCart, thanks for the explanation, I'll look into it.

I actually use social login (Google only, though) on some websites, and I think it might be a nice option to have even if people don't actually use. Anyway, brazilians may have a different behavior regarding this, so let's see what happens.